This course is for those who want to get ahead of the game – Learn about the investment principles of leasing land to improve farm profitability. 

  • How to approach a lease, how to look at an agreement and how to establish if it is worth pursuing
  • Understanding motivations of the landlord
  • Leasing vs buying
  • How to use the tools to assess opportunities and make the best decisions for you
  • The desirable attributes of a good tenant
  • How to pitch a winning proposal
  • How much to pay for a lease
  • What landlords want
  • Why tenure matters

Inside our course, you will find what you need to help you make the right decisions

  • Farm leasing tool – Excel
  • Due diligence score card – crop
  • Due diligence score card – livestock
  • Recorded video tutorials to refer back to
  • Links to relevant industry information 
  • Course notes 
  • Exercises to reinforce key concepts